Gary Gooding's backhalved 3rd gen...

I have been looking through your website and you have lots of great conversion parts available.

I am looking to put a V8 into my back halved FD to use for drag racing and street.At present i am running a turbo'ed 13b re on race gas.I would like to go with a Chevy type of V8 but not knowing a great deal about them, am unsure as to which one.Ideally i would like to turbo or supercharge it at some point later on.I would like to be able to run an 8 sec quarter and keep the car road legal here in the UK,running it on pump gas.

The car could achieve 8s eventually with its present set up but would not be feasible to drive on the road.

What do you feel is my best engine route to achieve my goal and what parts could you source/sell me for this? Can your subframe be fabricated/modfied to fit any type of V8.

I am running a modified C4 tranny from PA transmissions and would look to be changing this also, maybe a Glide.I would like to keep it auto for ease of set up and maintenance.

Looking forward to your reply


Gary G