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Our own 1st gen "Shop Mule"

John G's Caddy 500 powered 2nd gen Rx-7 project

Dave H's unique Chevy powered 1st gen RX-7

Murray F's twin turbo Lexus powered 2nd gen project

Randal S's $2005. Grassroots Challenge entry

Dave K's replacing a "blown" rotary?

Ed H's Chevy powered 2nd gen

Jerad A's 5.0 powered 2nd gen 'vert

Dave C's 318 Mopar powered 2nd gen RX-7

Brandon B's LT1 / T-56 6spd powered '86 GXL w/ '99 Mustang GT wheels

Johnny A's Corvette powered 2nd gen RX-7

Ben & Rachel's 9sec street driven 1st gen Ford powered RX-7.

Gary Graham's RX7 Liter is back !!!

Josh R's '79 and '85 Chevy Powered RX-7s

2nd gen Powered By an EFI Ford V-8
(nice shot of Ford plenum/hood clearance in a T-II hood scoop)

Johnny A's Chevy Powered 2nd gen RX-7

Bill W's Chevy Powered 2nd gen RX-7

Michael P's Beautiful Chevy Powered 2nd gen Convertible

Larry Henderson's 1st gen / Chevy V-8 Powered RX-7
(nice example of a T-II scoop on a 1st gen hood!!)

Gary S's 1st gen / 302 Ford Powered RX-7

Tony S's 1st gen / Chevy V-8 powered RX-7

Tim K's 2nd gen / Chevy V-8 conversion

Geoff Maxwell's 7 day 1st gen / Ford conversion

Stewart Bailie's ZZ4 Powered 2nd gen RX-7

Len Henderson's Beautiful Ford / AOD powered 1st gen RX-7

Robert Ohlausen's LT1 / 6speed powered 2nd gen RX-7 project

Herman Brantley's Turbo'ed Tunedport Chevy powered RX-7 GTU

Charles Connoly's Ford Powered 2nd gen RX-7

Brent Clarke's 377 Chevy powered '85 GS

A New Body Kit For The 1st Gen ???

Geoff Maxwell's Chevy powered '85 street/strip project

Jeremy Hammer's TBI Injected / Chevy powered 1st gen RX-7

Neil Porter's Chevy V-8 powered '87 Turbo II

Chris Lee's V-8 Powered 2nd gen Convertible

Ricci Partridge's $1500. '86 "RX-8 SS"

Bill Hagen's LT-1/6spd Powered 3rd gen RX-7

Tunedport Chevy V-8 Powered Turbo II

Dana Sheffield's V-6 powered 1st gen

Don C.'s V-8/2004R powered 2nd gen GXL

Tony's 9 sec. Street Driven V-8 powered 2nd Gen.

Kelly Troyer's 2nd gen / 4.3L TBI V-6 Conversion

Mike Garcia's 2nd gen / 4.3L V-6 Conversion.

Eamon's Road Racing 1st gen at Thunderhill

Mark Corbett's Stealthy Buick GNX powered 2 gen.

A V-8 Powered E/M 1st gen.

2nd gen Convertible powered by a 5.0 Ford

1st gen V-8 powered Wide Body just out of the paint shop

A Turbo Buick GN powered 2nd gen (runs 11 teens)

How about a 1st gen getting a BB MOPAR !!!

Building the 4 Rotor Dirt Car

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