Our demographics consist mainly of enthusiasts involved in, or conducting research for, their own engine swap project. Most of the work will be performed by them personally, and they WILL spend a considerable amount of money on their project before they are finished. By advertising and getting your products installed on these special cars at this most basic level, during the construction phase, you are investing in the inevidible word-of-mouth commentary that will follow these one-of-a-kind cars everywhere they go.

Banner advertising with us is a very cost effective way to reach this target market. Most visitors to are interested in do-it-yourself automotive upgrades, performance parts, specialized tools, and automotive restoration. If your potential customers are interested in these same topics, then you can benefit from our banner advertising.

Our goal is to focus our advertising content on engine swap related products and services only. To that end, we reserve the right to have the final decision as to the suitability of any submitted ad, and it's intended placement.

Banners are purchased in blocks of 1000 impressions* or in blocks of 100 click-throughs** and can be displayed on a specific page or on every page. Most of our pages are arranged to leave the right half of the page open, which leaves an area about 300 pixels wide for your message.

If you are interested in advertising send an email to for more information.

* 3000 impression minimum buy
** 200 click-through minimum buy

Rate Card
Impressions Purchased CPM***
3,000-20,000 $48
20,000-50,000 $36
50,000-100,000 $30
100,000 plus $24

Clicks Purchased CPC****
200-300 $1.70 ea.
300-500 $1.50 ea.
500-1000 $1.30 ea.
1000 plus $1.00 ea.

*** CPM = Cost Per Thousand
**** CPC = Cost Per Click

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