Goals Of AISR

#1- A Legal Street Racing Alternative
Safe Cars, Safe Enviroment,

All over the country, enthusiasts have banded together in the name of establishing a public drag racing facility for the entire spectrum of dragracing vehicles. In almost every instance, early momentum is quickly countered by anti-dragstrip rivals, banding together with the purpose of defeating the pro-dragstrip proposals. Much time and energy is expended by both sides, but ultimately, historical anti-dragstrip predictions of the typical loud cars, dangerous speeds, and unruly crowds usually combine to derail the process. Our proposal is different in that we do not believe that the whole drag racing community has to stand together as an "all for one / one for all" group that lumps the extreme "race-only" vehicles with the more civilized "street-legal" competitors. Since it seems to be the "race-only" vehicles that draw the most objections, we feel that eliminating them from the scope of our proposal will give us the best chance of achieving our goal.

We want to create an atmosphere where street legal vehicles will be the focus. Fire, excessive noise, and extreme high speed danger will not be welcome at our events. Our vehicles are fully licensed and insured, and law enforcement inspections are not only encouraged, but observed equipment infractions can be ticketed on the spot. The result will be safer vehicles, and closer, more positive relationships between law enforcement, the community, and potential automotive offenders.

#2- Multi-Purpose Public Auto Park Facility
Car Shows, Driver Training, Law Enforcement Driver Skills Maintenance

Our interactions with the local public interests need to be a two way street...we get what we want in a legal street racing facility, but in exchange we also give back a value to the public that exceeds the value of what we take. Availability for rental is another possible revenue stream. Dealer or manufacturer car/driver seminars, autocross clubs, Owner clubs, Driving schools,

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