Basic Rules of Competition

Street Racers Racing on REAL Street Surfaces
NO VHT. NO Track Prep. NO Tire Softeners.

Our drivers/cars must not be active participants in any other recognized racing series. We do not want active racers intimidating our street guys. We believe that for every "racer" we throw out, we will likely gain the support of 3 regular "street" participants.

"Real" racers are going to hate our "un-prepped track" rule. Running a real race car on an un-prepped track is no fun at all. Some will likely even say it would be dangerous. A car should be run on the surface it was built for. But this series is not for real race cars, it's for real street cars, and they will feel right at home without the sticky track. We are allowing them an opportunity to compete in their natural enviroment, an enviroment that they can shine in. It's also a great equalizer that saves parts, lowers expenses, and helps control speeds. In this series we want it to be important to have a balanced and streetworthy package. Too much engine, not enough car?..some kid with his act together is probably going to teach you a thing or two.

No across the line burnouts or any other activity that might improve the starting line's traction. If you leave any rubber on the track, we want it to be because you just lost your race. Our goal here is a surface that is as close to an actual random street surface as possible.

Street Driven Cars Only. NO Trailers. NO Support Equipment
If you bring it to the track with you, it goes down the track with you!!!

If someone snaps a picture of your car on or inside a trailer, you may not be allowed to compete. If you bring a bunch of tools or special tires and a jack, you better be able to secure them in your car for a trip down the track. No trailers or support vehicles will be allowed to enter the street pits. We want these cars to pair off as if they had just met at a stop lite.

Entrants will drive in directly off of the street and into tech. Tech inspection should be held out front by the ticket booths, close to and in full view of the general admission fans, whenever possible. We want fans to become familiar with the cars and drivers, making it easier to create the personal bonds that will bring the fans back. We also want them to see the emotions that may spill over when the Police Officer in tech writes an entrant a real ticket for an equipment violation. It's important that the fans see that this racing is for real.

If you don't drive your car to the track, in our book it's a race car. This class is intended for actual street cars that are driven to work, the gas station, and to the track. Cars that are ready to go anytime/anywhere. A class for guys that may actually be street racing. We do not want race cars stealing their fun. This class is for drivers that WANT to drive their cars on the street. Did we mention that it's for REAL street cars?

These are also not classes for show cars or low mile collector cars. We want cars that were intended to be driven a lot farther than a token 30 mile cruise. Drivers that bitch and moan because they are required to actually drive their cars will not be allowed to compete.

Common Pump Gas Only. Nitrous/Turbo/Superchargers OK
No programmable controllers for the power adders. No trans brakes.

Cars that are intended to be street driven will not have a problem with our "common pump gas only" rule. At our discression, we reserve the right to add locally available common "premium" pump gas to any competitor's fuel tank at any time. Better be prepared to make your power on plain 'ol 91 octane.

We also do not want to make it easy to harness any "power adders". By not allowing programmable controllers, we believe it will be tougher to tailor any added power to the existing conditions. We want the DRIVER's decisions and re-actions to play the key part of getting any excess power to the ground.

Hand Drop or Flashlite Style Starts. 1/8mi Track. No Timeslips
Wanna know who's quicker? RUN'EM

Flashlite style starts will help equalize the competition (and reduce overhead costs). Big turbos might not get enough time to spool. Supercharged cars could have a tougher time dealing with their instant excess. Nitrous cars may have a tougher time maintaining their edge. During an 1/8mi race, there's not much time to run someone down when things don't go well. When two different class cars race each other, the lower class car will always get "the move".

The reason for "no timeslips" is that no-one will actually know how quick the competition is. It's much easier to create myths and legends when there are less facts to get in the way. The only way to know for sure who is quicker???...line'em up.

No Special Tuning or Maintenance Between Runs
If you need to work on your car - You're Out!!!

Safety issues can be evaluated, but no adjustments can be made during competition. If your car breaks at any time or becomes unsafe for competition, you lose. If your car oils down the track, you lose. If atmospheric or track conditions change, the only adjustments you can make will be with your right foot.

Street Legal Cars. Street Legal Tires. Street Legal Mufflers
Local LAW ENFORCEMENT may perform tech!!!

Efforts will be made to get the local law enforcement on-board with our tech inspection. This means the tech guy may be able to issue you a ticket! It should also help us in the track's relationship with the local community, insuring that any behavior issues or noise complaints will be dealt with quickly.

Front brakes required. Passenger seats required. DOT seatbelts required. Heater and defroster required. Wipers required. Street legal exhaust system and muffler(s) required.

No wrinkle wall tires. No ultra-light drag only wheels. No water burnouts. 275/60-15 maximum size drag radial. Big DOT legal PRO-STREET style tires are OK, but anything more than a mini-tub will get you an "altered" designation, which will bump your minimum weight by an additional .5 lb/cuin.

No spools. No obstructed vision. No wheelie controls. No parachutes. No Lexan windshields. No transbrakes. No soft-loc or "slipper" clutches. No solenoid clutch release. No exhaust cut-outs. No driver/car sponsor logos or signage. No starting line aids, No spoolup aids, No un-muffled downpipes or blowoff valves.

Every Race is a Money Race. Winner Takes All.
Minimum $5 buy-in per run

Cars racing "up" in class (for instance, a "B" car running against an "A") will get 2:1 odds. Davy vs goliath matches are we all know, crowds love to root for the underdog...and the underdog loves a chance to triple his money.

1st round class match-ups will be determined by luck of the draw.

The crowd may post a minimum of $25. to see the single-run match race of their choice. Posting $100. will buy a 3 out of 5 shoot-out. All posted money goes to the winner. We will need to place poster style info in various areas in the stands to get the word out to the crowd that they can be involved. Crowd initiated match races will promote building cars that are fun and exciting to watch. Cars and drivers will soon realize that those that are exciting will get more opportunities to make money.

Permanent "King of our Streets- Monroe" (example) trophy for each class, in each track's hometown (other citys can also sponsor events). These Trophys pass from winner-to-winner, with each new winner's name added to it. The King's trophy can only be won by throwing down $500 to issue a challenge to the current King. The current King must comply (or forfiet). After the challenge is issued and the money put up, the race will be announced and the challenge race will be held at the next scheduled event. Both cars will go thru a tech inspection at the next event to verify that they qualify as actual street cars and that they meet the class weight breaks. Only real street driven cars will be eligible. No disguised race cars, no trailered cars. Cars/drivers that flunk tech will forfeit the challenge. Winner of the contest gets the trophy, his name added to it, and the $500. He who posesses the trophy can make $500 each time he successfully defends it.

Old School '60s Gasser Style Class Structure
Cars / Trucks grouped by lbs/cu inch
A/Street.......6.00 lbs/cu in minimum weight NA, 7.00 lbs cu in w/ adder
B/Street.......7.00 lbs/cu in minimum weight NA, 8.00 lbs cu in w/ adder
C/Street.......8.00 lbs/cu in minimum weight NA, 9.00 lbs cu in w/ adder
D/Street.....9.00 lbs/cu in minimum weight NA, 10.00 lbs cu in w/ adder
E/Street...10.00 lbs/cu in minimum weight NA, 11.00 lbs cu in w/ adder

Stock blocks only. Stock stroke crankshafts only.
If you want to run a 900ci monster, you will have to find some other organization.

Very few can actually spend $50k big engine. We hope using a lb/in bracket system will lead to more percieved equality. Rotary cars will be classed at twice their rated displacement.
Power adder cars will carry an additional 1 lb/cu in over the minimum weight for the NA cars. The weight breaks are minimum weights, allowing heavier cars to race up in class. Underdogs are often seen as winners even if they lose, as long as they put up a good fight.
Cars with modified chassis dimensions will get an "altered" designation, which will net an additional .5 lb/cu added to their minimum weight. This includes cars that have been front or back-halved, tubs that require moving frame rails, altered wheelbases, or drastic engine setbacks.

The series is not intended for cars with 4 links or ladder bars, but reality is that there are a lot of these Pro-Street style cars out there that are driven quite often. As long as they comply with the spirit of our rules, they will be allowed to compete.

Why so many different classes of street cars? more opportunities to create instant heroes. Our intent is to spread the fun around. Bring back "win" stickers for the advertising when locals see the car sitting in a parking lot.

Team racing should be encouraged. 5 cars per team/one car per class. Maybe a team competition with a tournament style ladder structure, possibly carried out over several consecutive race nights? Maybe double elimination? Team season championship? The team approach could really bring outside attention and new blood as teams look to fill holes in their line-ups. Lower class cars will be just as important as the big dogs. Drama will be created as teams replace their non-performers. Rivalries will develop as those cast aside form their own teams. Maybe post an on-line tree and current summary results? Maybe have real-time web updates so that the crowd can get current stats and standings on their handheld devices? Sponsorship possibilities for the webcasts.

Blood, Sweat, and Inginuity Count
Special Reward for Getting the Most from the Least

We want to be the anti-100k car and 200k hauler series. We prefer to celibrate those that get the biggest bang for their buck. The biggest trophy is reserved for the competitor who gets the most from their limited resources. They may not be the winner, but they will be the one everyone remembers. The fans should get a vote on this one.

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