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Do-it-yourself solutions from The Eastwood Company

Head Porting & Block Prep Info
by Standard Abrasives

Fiberglass Manifold Construction Tips

Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Construction Tips

Carbon Fiber Panel Construction Tips

Do-it-yourself Alcohol Injection
instant octane for the masses


Tach Re-cal for the RX-7 V-8 conversion
from Granny's Speed Shop

Tachometer Re-Calibration for engine swaps
by Jay Kopycinski

Build Your Own Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

1 wire Alternator conversion
for Delco 10-S1 alternators

Home-made Heads-up Speedometer Display

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Backyard Aluminum Anodizing

Caswell Electroplating Kits

Eastwood Co. Tech Library

Fiberglass Construction Info

Tin Man Tech welding & metalworking site

Metalweb News metalworking info archive

Home Made Metal Spinning Tech

Granny's Speed Shop Engine Swap Kits

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