ClutchTamer for '86-'91 Mazda FC

Adding the ClutchTamer to your manual transmission FC will make "dialing in" the hit of your clutch easy, it's the valuable key to making the FC's stock IRS live above 500hp or behind any aggressive clutch. The ClutchTamer is also key to running radials at the dragstrip behind a manual transmission, by making it easy to consistently find that sweet spot between bogging and spinning without breaking parts.

The FC version of the ClutchTamer installs thru the stock speaker opening in the lower left side of the dash below the steering column, basically bolts into the same place as the original speaker. The original plastic speaker grill will need to be modified if you want to re-install it for a clean look, easy to do with a Dremel tool or a heated knife. You could also pick up another speaker grill off e-bay for the ClutchTamer install, making it easy to restore your FC back to original at a later date.


The FC specific ClutchTamer pedal bracket slips over the FC's aluminum clutch pedal arm, easily installed and secured by a couple of clamp bolts.

The FC version of the Clutchtamer sells for $199 + shipping.
Here's a link to the ClutchTamer webpage-