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Free shipping???

That's right, Free Shipping. For those of you with a little extra time, our offer of free shipping is a great way to save some hard earned money. It's easy to use, just total up the prices listed on the website for the parts you want, and that's the total. No extra handling charges or hidden fees. If you want a 2nd gen Chevy Basic Kit that's listed at $295., just send us a money order for $295. It's just that easy.

Free Shipping Q & A..... long will delivery take?
4-5 business days from when we receive your money order.
if you send your money order by regular mail, total time for delivery should be 7-9 business days.
if you would like to keep track of when we receive your payment, you can use the"Priority Mail" and "Delivery Confirmation" service available at your local Post Office. With this service, you will be able to track the delivery of your payment on the USPS website at USPS Track & Confirm.

...can i get faster delivery?
USPS Priority Mail COD 2-3 day delivery is available for those requiring faster delivery.
All orders shipped USPS Priority Mail COD will have shipping charges added to the total.
Canadian and International orders must all be Prepaid. We cannot COD to any area other than the United States. do i figure the total cost?
just total up the individual parts price listed on the website.
there are no additional charges for shipping or handling. do i send payment?
please send us your money order along with a note containing the following information...
...Mailing Address
...Phone Number
...Year and Model of RX-7 (GS/GSL/GSL-SE/etc.) (GTU/GXL/Turbo-II/Convertible/etc.)
...Was the RX-7 originally equipped with a 12A or 13B engine?
...Was the RX-7 originally equipped with a manual or automatic transmission?
...What year/type engine & transmission are you planning to use?
...a list of the parts & prices you wish to order and the total. what address do I send my order and payment to?
Granny's Speed Shop
45779 Sauk Valley Rd.
POB 814
Concrete, WA 98237

Please click our e-mail address... call us at 360-391-1208 or 360-853-8219 if you would like to confirm your order in advance. This will help ensure that your parts are boxed and ready to ship as soon as we get your payment.

Due to the proprietary nature of our business, all sales are final. We provide sales credits for any return other than a warranty replacement. Returns must have an authorization, and a restocking fee applies to all these transactions. No warranty is implied or expressed for parts used in speed contests, competition or racing in any manner.