Attention Import Racers!!!...

...Install a Nissan VG30 into your RX-7!!!

If you are looking for big power for the import drags or just an economical replacement for your expired rotary engine, we can help you out. Available in both SOHC and hi-revving DOHC versions, this engine has fantastic horsepower potential. Our new Basic Kit and Driveshaft for the Nissan's 3 liter V-6 will be ready to ship May 15. In addition, we are working on a new header set for NA and supercharged conversions as well as stainless turbo manifolds for this application as well. A 1st gen RX-7 kit is also in the works.

Click on the picture above for a larger view of the VG30's bulletproof stock bottom end.
Click on this link to learn more about the VG30's 600hp-1000hp potential.
Click on this link to e-mail us for more info or to be added to the waiting list.




MX-5 (Miata) / Rover (Buick) V-8

Miata 5.0 conversions by Monster Motorsports

Miata interchange info by Randy Stocker


'79-'85 1st gen. RX-7

E Mod Topless 355 Chevy powered autocrosser

460 Ford powered 1st gen
by Gary Graham, aka "RX7Liter"

1st gen V-8 powered Wide Body just out of the paint shop

1st gen RX-7 engine swap kits
by Granny's Speed Shop

'86-'91 2nd gen. RX-7

'87 Turbo II / Chevy 350

2nd gen RX-7 / 4.3L V-6 Chevy

RX-7 Convertible / 20B 3 Rotor Mazda Rotary
by George Samuels

Mark Corbett's Buick GNX Powered 2nd gen RX-7.

A Turbo Buick GN powered 2nd gen (runs 11 teens)

2nd gen powered by a 5.0 Ford
Built by Chris Vetters

2nd gen Convertible powered by a 5.0 Ford

2nd gen RX-7 engine swap kits
by Granny's Speed Shop

'93-'95 3rd gen. RX-7

Bill Hagen's LT-1/6spd powered 3rd gen RX-7

3rd gen RX-7 engine swap kits
by Granny's Speed Shop


Items of interest...

Rotary engine to Borg Warner T-5 5spd adapters
by Kennedy Engineering

Building a 13B based 4 Rotor engine
by Grant "Granny" Robbins