Tony & Friends Mazda RX-8s

The red car is Tony's, and the grey one is his neighbor's.

To all at Grannys, thank you for all your support with my mazda project! The info and kit made for an easy install in my tuned port turbo II. The car is fun, fast and reliable. Im ready for my next project now ------- a gen III with a new 400 hp + small block . For anyone interested i have my 87 for sale.The car is a very clean turbo II, with a newly rebuilt 89 corvette 350 tuneport,white with 245/50/16 goodyears on 16in american racing has pwr sunroof,windows.the trans is a700r4. with a b&m shifter.The list of new parts is too long for this e-mail . i have over 7000. invested, would be a great buy for someone at 4500.! you can contact me at attn. Shawn, or call at 915-356-3342

Tony's car is powered by a 350 Chevy with a 2 speed Powerglide transmission.
The rear differential is a stock NON-Turbo II 4.10. Believe it or not, the rear tires are 26x10 Mickey Thompson slicks on 7" wide front wheel drive wheels (offset unknown).

At first glance, the hood scoop appears to be a stock Turbo II.
It is actually a stock scoop from a '84-'85 Capri, bolted to the RX-7's hood. This scoop clears a Victor Jr with a 1-1/8" spacer, and a 3" air cleaner.

We don't have any timeslips from this car, but I think we can safely assume that it's fast. Tony estimates mid 11s.

This car also has the Capri hood scoop.

Would you believe TWO V-8 powered RX-7s in the same neighborhood?

These timeslips say it all. Tony is car #5042.