The attached pictures are of my 85 RX-7 GS.  It runs perfect and is very
quick provided I don't blow the tires off of it.  

Engine: 377 Cheverolet
Comp. Ratio: 10.5-1
Heads: Dart Pro 1 Aluminum
Ignition: MSD
Trans: Turbo 350
Radiator: Griffin
Headers: Headman/ChevyII
Rear: Stock
Weight: 2500lbs.

Last summer I took it to the Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise in Detroit MI. Drove
it up and down Woodward Ave. from Detroit to Pontiac all weekend and it
never got over 180 deg.  It was a hit because it was the only one there. I
have had a v8 in it since 94' The first one was a 283 and it did great but
was just really a proof of concept. I built it before I new you guys
existed.  I also have an 85 gsxe that I am going to install this 377 in soon
because it is a nicer car.  I will probably try to get your engine mount kit
and 700R4 trans mount and rearend for the next one.  The engine plate works
great (adjustability) but requires a liitle more work if the water pump goes
out.  Well, just wanted to pass along to a fellow hot rodder the fun I have
with my rx-7 and thank you for a great web site.

Brent Clarke

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