Information we will need when placing an order...

...Mailing Address
...Phone Number
...Which Version of the ClutchTamer or HitMaster System would you like to order?

We would also like detailed information about your vehicle's setup and current performance if possible. We don't share this information with anyone, as we understand that most of our customers would rather "fly under the radar" to maintain a competitive advantage. If you choose not to share with us it's no problem, we understand.

We accept orders either by phone or e-mail. Orders are normally processed Monday thru Friday, but are often accepted on weekends as well when we are not gone racing. Phone calls placed between 8am and 12noon are most likely to get past the answering machines. Between noon and 4pm PST, we are busy trying to meet our daily shipping deadlines.

Our phone number for ordering or technical information is 360-391-1208

If you have trouble reaching us by phone, we are most likely busy making parts or on the phone with another customer. If you would prefer, send us an email to with a phone #, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

You may choose from one of the following payment options...
...OPTION #1- Paypal payment (we will need your Paypal email address, then we can send an invoice. The invoice will have a button that you can click to pay)
...OPTION #2- money order (mail to address below...)

POB 814
Concrete, WA 98237 USA

Sorry, we no longer accept Credit Cards as we switched to Paypal a few years ago.

All shipping charges will be additional to the listed price.
...USA- Shipping USPS (postal) within the USA is typically around $16.
...CANADA- 1st Class USPS (postal) to Canada typically adds appx $38.
.......................Priority Mail Shipping (USPS Postal) to Canada typically adds $56.

Although your order may arrive sooner, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

We appreciate your business and support.