Don Chmielewski's Chevy V-8 powered '87 GXL

Don Jr. is on the left, and on the right is his brother Evan. Behind them is their 350 Chevy / 2004R powered '87 GXL. This car passed Conneticut's emissions test with flying colors.
"We did get a little sick of working on it. But now that we got it on the road, WOW, what a blast to drive. It's incredible."

This conversion retains the battery in the stock location and uses a relocated stock radiator. The Chmielewskis' fabricated their own brackets for the Chevy alternator and the RX-7 power steering pump. In this shot you can also see where the underhood bracing was removed to make room for the 14" aftermarket air cleaner.

Another underhood shot, showing the short water pump and the molded radiator hoses they used. Another detail of interest is a glimpse of the home-made power steering pump arrangement that uses the stock rotary engine adjuster bracket.

This shot shows the custom dual exhaust featuring an "H" pipe and dual aftermarket catalytic converters. The headers used are 3/4 length Dynomax, with an O2 sensor in one of the collectors. The Chevy ECU was wired in the place formerly occupied by the Mazda computer.

Don included this picture of their other project, a dark metallic blue '67 Mustang convertible. The 13 year project appears to be well worth the effort.

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