Kelly Troyer's throttle body injected 4.3 V-6 / 2004R
2nd gen RX-7 conversion project

This is an underhood shot of Kelly's throttle body injected V-6 powered 2nd gen RX-7. Note that the battery location is stock, as is the location of the power steering pump. Also note the use of the stock 2nd gen RX-7 radiator.

Although kelly is using an aftermarket air cleaner in these pictures, he plans to plumb in the stock RX-7 air cleaner (lower left) soon.

This shot gives some detail of the accessory drive belt layout, and the power steering pump location.

The lower pulley on the crankshaft was exchanged for a smaller diameter unit to allow more sway bar clearance.

Another slick idea Kelly used was to utilize the stock rotary engine oil cooler as a transmission cooler for his 2004R overdrive automatic.

The transmission cooler adapter fittings were made by welding pipe couplers to the stock oil cooler banjo fittings. If Kelly decides to use the cooler for engine oil in the future, he can do so easily.

Kelly used an electric fan from a '94-'97 T-Bird. This 2 speed fan draws 31 amps on high, the most of any automotive electric fan we've seen, including the aftermarket. It is also almost a perfect fit to the stock RX-7 radiator's core.

This is a close-up of the modifications Kelly made to the fan to allow more clearance for the lower pulley on the front of the engine.

This shot shows how nicely matched the T-bird fan is to the size of the RX-7 radiator. Kelly made some aluminum brackets (hidden under the shroud) to mount the fan to the radiator at it's 4 corners.

The headers Kelly used are Edelbrock PN# 6854 which were origionally designed for an 4.3 powered S-10 pickup

This is a stock RX-7 automatic shifter that was adapted for use with the 2004R. Changes included moving the lower linkage to the left side for the Chevy transmission, and adding a small micro-switch that is used as a neutral safety switch.

Here's a close-up of the air cleaner adapter Kelly made to allow using his stock RX-7 air cleaner on his injected V-6.

A small hood scoop was added to make room for the aftermarket air cleaner and spacer. This also allows an escape path for some of the hot air from under the hood.
Nice job, Kelly.

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