Mike Sargent's 4.3 / 2004R 2nd gen RX-7 conversion project

Mike used our left side bracket for his Sanden 7200 A/C compressor. This allows using the existing A/C plumbing, and saves the extra costs of re-charging the A/C system. The stock battery location further simplifies the conversion. The stock RX-7 fan shroud, not installed in this picture, required minor modification.

An aftermarket intake manifold was selected, to save some weight and to provide some additional room for the air cleaner. The stock 4.3 manifold is VERY tall because of it's EGR valve location.

Mike used a little creative engineering, and adapted our lo-mount left side alternator bracket for use on the right head. The added idler pulley provides a little extra alt. belt / radiator hose clearance. The idler came from the rotary engine.

Another idler from the rotary engine was used to increase the belt wrap on the A/C pulleys. A 1/4" spacer was added to the crankshaft pulley.

An aftermarket distributor was used, both to replace his computer controlled origional with something tuneable, and to add some firewall clearance over that of the stock large diameter HEI unit.

The added radiator fill neck is necessary because none exists in the stock RX-7 radiator. Mike is still looking for the perfect replacement for the flex hose, which will complete his "factory look" installation.

The trans cooler was attached to the inside surface of the radiator core. It will be completely hidden inside the fan shroud.

The entire engine conversion was done right here by Mike and his son. An exceptionally wet Virginia summer added a few delays.

Thanks for the pictures, Mike. How about a picture of your assistant?

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