Neil Porter's Chevy V-8 powered '87 T-II

A resourcful 17 year old, Neil started this conversion project about 6 months ago. When the reciepts were finally added up, he found that he had spent less than $1000. on the entire conversion!

The 300hp 350 cu. in. engine is backed up by a T-350 automatic transmission right now, but Neil plans to install a T-5 5spd as soon as he can find one. An electric fan is used on the stock RX-7 radiator.

Neil gained some additional air cleaner clearance by adding a fiberglass cowl induction style hood scoop.

The body-work on the hood scoop addition turned out great. Looks like a one-peice fiberglass hood after the hood pins were added.

This shot shows the gauge set that was added inside the hood scoop. Also visible are the modifications that were made to the under-hood bracing, and the underside of a few of the pop-rivets that attach the scoop to the aluminum hood.

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