It's not pretty but it runs great. Started out as a stock 1986 rx7 base model with sport suspension. It now has a 1985 sbc 350 with a 2004r. Both are completely stock.

During this process it gained a turboII rear end and half shafts, turboII drive shaft, seats, mirrors, hood (all turboII), and many other little goodies I had in my stock pile.

This was all done at a mobile home park with only hand tools and a car port (and a really pissed off park manager!).

All of this I only gained 200 additional lbs.

Ran it in the 1/4 and got a 13.9!!! Have less than $1500. in it, and of a ton of time. It is still street legal and daily driven. Now I have a LT1 to put in it......

NOW he's got one with an LT-1!!!


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