DANA SHEFFIELD'S Chevy 229 V-6 Powered '80 RX-7

Dana sent us some pictures of his current project. He had the V-6 and Turbo 350 transmission installed before he even found our website, so the conversion was designed and built by Dana, without our help. Nice job!!!

The engine is a 1980 229cid Chevy 90 degree V-6, bored .040 over, but otherwise stock with a 2bbl carb.

The radiator is from an '86 Dodge D-50 pickup with a manual trans. The fan is electric, from a '84 Ford Escort. The shroud is from a Ditch Witch trencher.

The motor mounts Dana built were fabricated from 3" square tubing and 3" angle. The transmission crossmember is made from 5/16" steel stock. The driveline is from a '69 Nova, with the tail replaced with that from a stock RX-7 shaft. Most all the parts used were from local wrecking yards.

Now, Dana is working on his hood scoop. Next on the list.....a new paint job.

Dana used a shifter from a 318I BMW. The shift arm he used was obtained from Kugel Komponents.

The stock seats were replaced with buckets from an '87 Dodge Conquest.

The dash is from a '83 RX-7, with a Sun Tune tachometer installed in the stock location.

Thanks for the pictures, Dana. We hope many others will be motivated by your efforts.

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