Ben & Rachel Byrd's Ford Powered 1st gen Project

Hey grant, i promised you some pictures and more timeslips,, im tired of seeing Tony's 10 sec street car stuff on the site,, time for a change i have pictures of time slips, the car, the engine and the body.

The car still has a lil more in it, the day it went 138mph i was running late and pulled it right in the lanes with out cool off time. The car was at 190 degrees,, spun worse than it ever had before and still managed a 9.99 the car is also blowing through the converter, i have a fix ordered for that though, custom converter and a c4 with a brake is on the way, or at least being assembled now,, have to wait a while for the converter.

THINGS ABOUT THE CAR 302 lower end STOCK,`185 afr heads, comp custom nitrous cam, victor intake 750 holley, nos fogger, headman headers, c4 built by me, 300 converter, 8" ford rear 3.55 gears, all stock suspension full cage done by me,, thats all i can think of right now.

OK grant, the time now comes to pick your brain a bit. This is Ben the guy with the car you used on your advertisement. I am now steping up to a real serious set up. Still a 302 based set up, but stroked and poked to 363cubic inches,dart iron eagleblock, afr 225 heads,custom bennett turbo cam, CSU preped carb and bonnet,Precision turbo PT-101. Ladder bars,wheelie bars, chute, 28X13.5 hoosier quick time pros. Everything is new and ive done alot of research and bought the best stuff i could find. Heres the thing, last year i drilled the stock rotors to 5 on 4.5 lug patern, for what i was doing it was fine, but now, it worries me a bit, i want to be more confident in the front end yet want to keep it stock as it always steered great, no need for a rack and pinion and allot of work up ther as i belive it will hold up fine, with exception of the drilled rotors, can i change to second gen hubs and rotors and brakes?? If so what do i need to do so. If not, what are the measurements of the spindle so i can try to fine aerospace rotors and bearings to fit. I know Ken Scheppers did it that way, but i asked him to give me a rundown of the parts i needed, and he wouldnt do it, He runs a first gen in the noppi racing sanction i think. Any help in this matter would be greatly apreciated, i am sending you pictures of the progress so far. The engine is at the builders now, soon as i get that back i estimate about 4 weeks to the first test runs, engine will be capable of 1600hp, posibly more, i just cant wait!!! THANKS BEN

Hey Grant,, The car has completed its transformation, heres a couple pics of it.

It has been an 8.10@174. That was non intercooled,, just got done with an air to water intercooler,, havent run it yet as i just got it .still using the stock front end with stock struts and brakes. Car is as stable as it was at 100mph now at close to 180mph.Thanks for all the help and info.

Looking to be the first 1st gen rx-7 in the 7's with all stock front suspension.