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Custom Narrowed Ford 8.8 Hybrid Bare Housings & Axle Packages...

These bare rear housings are built as hybrids and use billit 9" style housing ends and 9" style axles. These are completely NHRA legal for a fast car and do not require c-clips or c-clip eliminators. They come completely welded and ready to assemble. You supply the ring/pinion, bearings/seals, and differential. Available options include...
...28, 31, or 33 spline axles
...5 on 4-1/2" or 4 on 4-1/2" GSL-SE lug patterns
...Ford or Mazda caliper brackets
...custom widths available at no extra charge
...choice of 1st gen or 2nd gen RX-7 configurations

Custom Narrowed Ford 8.8 for '79-'85 RX-7...

These rears come with forged 5 lug axles and attached brackets for easy installation. Available options include...
...gear ratio choice
...5 on 4-1/2" or 4 on 4-1/2" GSL-SE lug patterns
...Ford or Mazda caliper brackets
...small diameter adjustable springs
...Torque Arm Conversion

Custom Forged 9" Ford Axles w/ GSL-SE Lug Pattern & Pilot Diameter...

These special forged axles allow you to keep those special GSL-SE wheels when upgrading to a Ford 9" rear. Available either drilled with a 4 on 4-1/2" lug pattern to the correct size to accept Mazda studs, or with optional threaded lug holes for super duty drag style threaded studs.

Choose from 28 or 31 spline.

New 1st and 2nd gen RX-7 Solid Axle Conversion Systems...

Available for sale June 1, our TA/SA conversion system now makes it easy to get the rear gear ratio of your dreams.

Designed to use existing rear chassis subframe attachment points, our design features 2 lower links and a unique tuneable torque arm design to get the best compromise for both the drag and road racing worlds.

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New Nissan VG-30 / SBC Engine Mount Adapter Brackets...

Looking for a different powerplant for that street rod? Now your VG-30 V-6 can be installed in most anything from a T-bucket to a 3rd gen RX-7. Just bolt our brackets onto the sides of your VG-30, bolt on a set of inexpensive OEM style small block Chevy (SBC) rubber mounts, then drop it into most any chassis designed for the SBC.

It's that simple.

Both front sump and rear sump oil pans are available, as well as many different exhaust manifold and header configurations (including both single and twin turbocharger manifolds). The stock bottom end is good to about 600hp and 25psi....supercharger anyone???

New lite-weight 2nd gen AC Compressor Bracket...

This new right side compressor bracket is designed to be both light-weight and versatile. Weighing in at less than 3-1/2 lbs, it makes mounting the Sanden SD-708 and SD-7200 compressors easy. Moving the AC compressor over to the right side aligns the compressor with the firewall hose fitting, and frees up room for mounting the power steering pump on the left head.

NOTE- requires 3 accessory mount holes in the front of the passenger side head for mounting. Will not work with early heads that have only 1 hole or no holes at all. Positions compressor for 2nd groove alignment for short water pump applications only. Not for use with the long water pump.

New 2nd gen RX-7 / Ford 2.3 Turbo Basic Kit...

Want to go fast w/ 4 cylinders? The 2.3 Ford is very capable and is very affordable. Most turbo 2.3's came with a Garrett T3 turbo. They were available in...
...'79-'84 Mustang 2.3 GT
...'79-'82 Capri Turbo RS
...'84-'86 Merc XR7 Turbo
...'83-'88 Ford T-Bird Turbo Coupe
...'84-'86 Ford SVO
...'85-'89 Merkur XR4-ti
The T-5 and T-9 manual transmissions were used, as well as the C3 and A4LD automatics. Our 2.3 Ford Basic Kit is located by existing RX-7 chassis holes, and leaves plenty of room for downpipe and IC plumbing. Based on the Merkur aluminum engine extensions, the 2.3 Basic Kit includes chassis bracket assy left and right, rubber engine mount set, installation hardware, and choice of T5, C3, or A4LD transmission crossmember. Call or e-mail for more details or to order...360-391-1208.

New 3rd gen '93-'95 RX-7 Econo Subframe...

Designed for strength, our latest subframe provides a cost effective solution for those that want to keep their engine options open. Want to install an old school 350? Tuned Port? LT-1? LS1? Nissan VG30? Chevy 4.3 V6? We can set you up to use any of those. Want to move the engine ahead so that an old school V8's distributor can can clear the FD firewall? We can do that too...all with the same subframe and our new modular engine mount set.
Options include a choice of rack mounts for either the original 3rd gen power rack or the slower ratio 2nd gen RX-7 manual rack for better control during those "Silver State" style hi-speed runs. Our fabricated lower control arm pivot boxes are used- no need to send your existing subframe in to scavange the old ones. More money can be recovered by selling your existing stock subframe to someone else.
Consessions for low cost include....
...Tubular construction- Much quicker fabrication time for the tubular construction cuts labor costs to a minimum.
...Tubular rack mounts- Easier to fabricate than the lightweight sheet design of our high-end model.
...Thicker material- Allows more freedom in design while retaining durability.
...No lightening holes in the lower section- allows us to offer a paint finish as we do not have to worry about protecting the unpaintable inside of the subframe's lower structure.

New 3rd gen '93-'95 RX-7 Econo Torque Arm...

Designed to combine maximum strength with economy, this torque arm style front diff mount gets the job done without any frills. Although this design does not have the ability to fine tune pinion angle, it still retains the superior strength of our high-end model's 1-1/4" od .083 wall lower tube. Upper tube is 1" od x .083 wall. The key to strength is the unique center slotted tube-to-bracket weld design that increases weld area by over 200% over other designs. A thick 1/4" formed rear plate allows the torque arm to clear the inside of the transmission tunnel and aligns the tubes for a direct pull on the attaching points. No stress inducing offset weld design here. Rear anchor plate uses all 5 original rear PPF anchor points for maximum ridgity and strength. Front anchor point uses a high quality 3/4" rod end for length adjustability. Comes with a satin black paint finish. NOTE: Using a long torque arm style front differential mount often reduces or eliminates the wheel hop that is common with the short-coupled front diff mounts (those that anchor close to the rear on the rear subframe or rear crossbrace location).

New 3rd gen '93-'95 RX-7 Headers for Old School 350 and LT1...

Based on our 1-3/4" primary by 3" collector 2nd gen Header set, the 3rd gen version features a closer fitting passenger side to maximize 3rd gen chassis clearance. Mandrel bent equal length tubes. Top quality laser cut flanges and special internal collector design maximizes scavange effects to levels approching that of a merge collector. These headers are shipped bare without any coating or paint- ready for ceramic coating. As with our 2nd gen race headers, these are designed for race car applications that use an automatic transmission, and will NOT clear the stock external hydraulic clutch used by the OEM T-5 bellhousing. If you would like to use a T-56 transmission with these headers, no problem

New Chevy "Riser" modular engine mount set...

Our new modular engine mounts were originally designed to raise the engine up to 3/4" to allow additional oil pan-to-steering rack clearance for 3rd gen RX-7/LS1 applications. 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" sets are available, as well as versions that allow moving the "old school" SBC engine ahead to help make room for it's rear mounted distributor.

These can be used with our 3rd gen '93-'95 RX-7 subframes to allow dialing in the best compromise between hood and steering rack clearance for your specific combination.

Can also be used in SBC Muscle Car applications that require the common "short & wide" OEM mount that has the 2-5/8" id saddle dimension to gain additional crossmember clearance for an aftermarket oil pan.

New '79-'85 1st gen RX-7 9" Ford Housing...

Our rear housings for the 1st gen RX-7 bolt-in using the same mounting points as the original RX-7 rear. Shock and fabricated helical spring seat locations are stock as well. 4 link brackets are fabricated from 3/16" plate, and the watts centering linkage pivots on a machined stud welded directly to the housing. Brackets are located in a precision jig before welding, ensuring exact location and geometry. Exact housing core may vary due to availability, but most common is the HD 3-1/4" tube late model housing pictured here.

New SB Chevy Right Side Alternator / AC Compressor Bracket...

This new right side bracket is designed to be both light-weight and versatile. Weighing in at a mere 2-3/4lbs, it can be used as either an alternator or AC compressor bracket for short water pump applications. Here's a list of the common uses...
...RS hi-mount 1st gen RX-7 Hitachi alternator for 1st or 2nd groove alignment
...RS hi-mount 1st or 2nd gen RX-7 Mitsubishi alternator for 1st or 2nd groove alignment
...RS 10P-13E Nippondenso AC compressor bracket 1st or 2nd groove alignment
NOTE- requires 3 accessory mount holes in the front passenger side head for mounting. Will not work with early heads that have only 1 hole or no holes at all. Positions accessories for 1st or 2nd groove alignment for short water pump applications only. Not for use with the long water pump.

New LS1 Temp Gauge Sending Unit Adapter...