Dan Biles's Chev 350 Powered '81 RX-7

Hi guys. Great site.

I wish I knew more about mechanics, as a lot of this information is beyond my knowledge. I have a pretty good mechanic though. Anyways, I own a 1981 with a Chev 350. I am doing some mods myself so I can learn and understand it more. My question to you is about suspension. I searched on the net and found a site that sells suspension for my year. It is very hard to find after market parts for the 1st Gen. I found Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks and Racing Beat springs and sway bars. The springs have a 1" drop. Would this system hold the weight of my engine?

I still have the stock rear and it is holding. I have a couple of cheap tires at the rear. I didn't want to get anything too sticky as I am afraid that something will snap. There is a guy who owns a 1988 and he keeps breaking something out at the track and he uses slicks. Last time I saw him, he broke his drive shaft. He said he put a Chev joint on one end and left the other end stock and the stock end broke. We don't have a 1/4 mile track. We only have a 500 ft track. Once a year, we do have a weekend where they shut down an air strip for a full 1/4 mile. I did it and I am in the low 14 seconds. I have done some more mods, so I think I am now in the 13's. Even with the cheap tires, I still have to do a burn out or else my times are a lot slower.