Jerry Perryman's Beautiful Chevy Powered '84 RX-7

Hello Grant,

Been awhile since I talked to you. My '84 with the 330 HP Chevy 350 and GM200-R4 is four years old now and better than ever. Added a Mazda posi rear end and fan shroud awhile back and had a front shock tower strut fabricated, and installed an all MSD ignition with a MSD 7561 Programmable Launch Rev Limiter at the beginning of summer. Not good for the strip but great for the street when the situation warrants it. Also had some ROH wheels and some stickier rubber installed. Getting hooked up with you was the best thing for my Mazda that I could have ever done.

I have attached a couple pictures of the finished (finally) project.

Question...I am looking for an A-pillar gauge pod for a single 2 1/16" AutoMeter D-PIC Gauge. Jegs and Summit have pod listings most for everything but Mazda. Do you have any info on a customer that has bought a specific one of these that fit? I have no more room for gauges in the dash area and would like to try this new accelerometer that AutoMeter offers.

Thanks and best regards,

Jerry Perryman

Notice that even the cruise control is hooked up on this car...