Frank Deninno's SBC Powered '90 Turbo II


I recently did a swap with your kit, on a 90 turbo rx7. Turbo 350 trans, and Chevy 350 crate motor (330 hp). The conversion went well, and I love the car. At the track, however, i'm running out of gear.

My car ran 12.56@106mph with no NOS. That was great. But add 150hp NOS kit, and WOW, it ran 11.33@112mph. Thats impressive, considering that I shut the NOS down at the 990" mark because it was bouncing off the rev limiter (set at 6800 rpm).

You see the problem, I need more gear. I'm not to sure what the stock rear is, but I think it's 4:10. I need like 3:73 or 3:90 that should solve my problem. Any insight whould be great.


Frank Blackwood, NJ

UPDATE:..."I posted earler that my rx7 was running out of gear and was toying at the idea of using a 700r4. It worked great i was running 11.30s with a t350 trans using 150 shot of nos. Since then ive run 10.80 @128 still with 150 shot on a stock 350 330hp crate motor. Not bad!!!"

UPDATE #2:...just thought everyone should know My car has turned a best 1/4mi ET of 9.32 on the stock RX-7 rear (including stock axles!!!) on 26x8 slicks...he's even got a 9.50 run on video. Thanks to Grannys for the help along the way with questions i had."

UPDATE #3:...GRANT, Heres a pic of our car from the chassis shop! We were runnig 9.32 @ over 150mph and got thrown out of all the local tracks. We decided to go to a safer setup. Our car is now 3/4 tube chassis and 700 pounds lighter! We are still running you motor mount kit which held up to hundreds of 9 sec passes with out any problems.
We are still running the same headers and motormount kit in the tube chassis car.(If it ant broke don fix it!) Thanks again, I only wish your rear kit was ready before i shipped our car out to the chassis shop. I sure we would of run in the 8s with a Power glide and your rear set up.

Frank Deninno
Auto Addictions Inc.
New jersey