Pedro Marques' 998hp Turbo 2nd gen RX-7...

From Pedro in Florida...

...Turbo stroked (331) R302 block, Aluminum heads, with ac and power steering. Dynoed at 998hp 1180ft/lb torque at a conservative 18 psi on pump gas (24 degree timing). Stand alone fuel injection with distributorless ignition and 1000 cc injectors. Dual fuel pump system, CK Performance Stage 2 AOD and Ford IRS 8.8 with 2.73 gear and cutom axles.

Amazingly, the stock non-turbo rear end put up with the punishment from the engine. I have never put slicks on the car, but i am running 275/18/40 tires. The tires spin, however once they do grab the car pulls hard and the rear/axles did not give. I have raced Suzuki Hayabusas and kill them from a 50-60 mile roll and the rear had absolutely no noise and virtually no backlash. Mazda did an awesome job on the rear, but I have switched rears because of gearing issues. I have switched from a 5 speed to an automatic. Overdrive (4th) on the AOD is limited to only 550ft/lb of torque, so a lower gear was required for the 1.1 ratio 3rd gear.

Another factor of power to this car is that there are no signs of body flexing what so ever, maybe all will change once drag radials go in. Again thanks for your products , my toy could not be complete without your support.

Thanks for a great product,