'93-'95 RX-7 / LS1 Hood Modifications...

Mazda engineers blessed the FD RX-7 with nearly perfect race car steering geometry, so we prefer to keep the steering rack in it's stock location. Because the LS1's throttle body is taller than the critical distance between the FD's steering rack and hood skin, there has to be a compromise somewhere. We offer 2 versions of our LS1 swaps for the 3rd gen RX-7, one that clears the stock hood (re-located steering rack), and one that requires hood modification.
Below are some pics of hood modifications that were necessary to retain the steering rack's stock location. Your body shop may also be able to use them to give you a more accurate quote.

Here are some pics, including construction shots, of an amazingly stock appearing modified hood. Notice the excellent ground clearance resulting from this engine location. This car can sit much lower than one using the "stock hood" version of our kit. Oil pan clearance is no problem at all.

This hood is a cowl induction version that is raised even more in the throttle body area to make room for a Vortech style supercharger...

Below is a hood designed for a 2JZ swap into an FD, and it will clear the LS1's throttle body with plenty of room. It's a bolt-on solution from Tech2 Motorsports, priced at about $1000.
Here's a link to their webpage http://tech2motorsports.com/products.php?p=14, or they can be reached at 530-222-1555.