Here's a great way to shed more than a few pounds...remove your Headlite Actuators!!!

Here's something we made to help get the ShopMule down to 2325lbs, while keeping it street legal...a couple of simple headlite support struts. The purpose of these struts is to hold the headlites in the upright position for night time driving, after the actuator motors and linkage have been removed. Easily stashed in the glovebox, they install in less than a minute when needed, no tools required. We made these out of 1/4 x 1" aluminum. These are not production items, but if you don't want to make your own, we can make a set for you, $40/pr.

Want to remove even more weight up front? replace your heavy glass headlites with some plastic replacements for the H3 style bulbs.

Here's a page with misc Shop Mule tech, pictures, and info...Shop Mule Page