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If you would like to add pics of your own conversion, please e-mail them to us. We welcome your conversion pics even if it is not one of ours, just let us know so that you or they receive proper credit. There are several thousand piston powered RX-7s out there currently, with more up and running pretty much every day. We have a lot more pics to add as we get time, and more new pics arrive daily. Please help us document as many of these cars as we can. If we already have a page for a car but you would like to add updated pics or info, please send that too.

We prefer to add a page for your conversion on our site instead of linking to your existing website, as this minimizes broken links on our page, just in case your website dissappears in the future. We can add a link to your existing webpage to the page we create if requested. If your pics are on the web already, just send us some info and a link and we can likely create a page from that.